Copyright 2009 The Chocolate Bordello, LLC - PO Box 305 Fairplay, CO 80440 - 719-836-4440 -
The Chocolate Bordello and all of our "ladies" are
founded on the principle that you should never
judge a problem, person or a truffle by what you see
on the outside. Bitter can be sweet, tainted can be

For design inspiration we've borrowed from the
fascinating stories of the 1860-1930 Colorado
mountain and mining culture, as well as some
famous biblical ladies of ill-repute. Most deserved
their reputations, many saw them redeemed, but all
are deserving of acceptance.

Our truffles are hand-crafted in the eclectic, quaint,
and sometimes a bit roughneck, little mining town of
Fairplay, CO. We use only the finest Belgian
chocolate, organic flavors, and natural ingredients.
These decadent little ladies have led many to
abandon personal convictions and fear of discovery
to welcome a night of private chocolate revelry.

We hope that you find each truffle delectable and
their symbols inspirational. Indeed, they await you.
They are decorated and decadent. They want to be
sought out, selected, and taken in to participate with
you. Time with a truffle must be savored, because
alas, the time is short.

To abundant life, to transformed people, and to

"Every man who
knocks on the door
of a brothel is
looking for God."
- G. K. Chesterton
"Truffles Anyone?"