Madam's Bare Skin Rub

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The Madam’s “Bare-Skin Rubs,” provide just the sweet treat-ment your skin has been craving. This Chocolate Truffle sugar scrub finds its origins and story in “Beautiful Bathsheba," embodied in our Scarlet Belles of Christmas line. This delicious exfoliator will lovingly polish the skin’s surface, while delighting your senses -- dessert applied to the hide! Our lavish formula contains evaporated cane sugar crystals, cold pressed extra virgin coconut and avocado oils, gourmet Belgian cocoa, culinary English lavender buds and pure vanilla. Use in the shower after cleansing to soothe, smooth and regenerate skin all over. 100% organic, natural, vegan and chemical free. 100% food-grade ingredients. Husband, but not animal, tested. Ideal for all skin types. Charmingly packaged with wooden spoon applicator and product instructions.

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Weight:10.000 oz